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Whenever we say that the world is small, it not only means that we are technologically connected, but it also means that we can travel to any part of the world without much hustle. Isn’t this the most beautiful thing?

For me travelling is like going treasure hunting. As when you return from your trip, you not only bring souvenirs from places you visited but also tonnes of memories, photographs and experiences. All these are treasures of immeasurable value. Travelling is also like therapy for me. Every time I go on a trip, I return with a rejuvenated body and mind.

This is why travelling is my hobby.

Why is travelling my hobby?

Travelling is my hobby. It was through travelling that I was able to broaden my mind. Whenever I say that travelling is my hobby, most people often tend to ask as “why travelling?” “There are so many productive hobbies, why choose travelling?” To which I reply that I find solace in travelling. It’s like therapy for me. It calms my body and soul. Furthermore, it’s like detox therapy. And what’s wrong with practising anything that keeps you happy, unless it’s illegal.

And most importantly, a hobby doesn’t have to be something productive. A hobby must be or is something that warms one’s heart. Something that refreshes your soul.

Also, travelling brings lots of brownie points:

  • You meet new people and can befriend them

New country, new city, or new village every time you travel, you meet new people. Yes of course the earth is overflowing with people, but that’s not the main point. The point is, you get to know some people, natives. You experience a kind of kinship that you were alien to. Sometimes you get lucky enough to befriend a stranger. And sometimes good people stay in our memories and photographs.

  • Understand different cultures

The more you travel, the more you get to know about different people from different cultures and ethnicity. Even though it’s for a short period, you try to adopt their culture, as “when in Rome, do what Romans do.” The kind of lifestyle that’s new to you excites you, and you learn a lot of new things as well. Like, learning their traditional recipes, some good daily practices or habits, and others.

  • You learn about yourself, life and the world

It’s just like Saint Augustine had said once, “ The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only one page.” Travelling is much more than random sightseeing. Travelling is an expedition to acquire knowledge of the world. Your domain of knowledge and experiences expands. And above all, you come to know about things about yourself that you were never aware of. Travelling is also a journey to find and to understand oneself.

  • Memories

The most simple and fulfilling fact about travelling is that whenever you return from your trip, you come with a chest of memories that you’ll be able to cherish forever. For me, these memories are the real souvenirs that you collect during your travels.

What I learned

It still shocks many people whenever I say that travelling is my hobby. But I no longer mind. You’ll be able to savour the real taste of life once to start travelling like gipsies— carefree and carelessly.

There are many things that I learned just by travelling, that have now become the motto of my life.

  • No matter what life goes on.

Never give up on life. People are living happily in a condition that can be even worse than yours. So, keep moving.

  • The boundaries of class based on social status is meaningless.

When you travel, you are like a monk travelling with a determination to find something, to know something. And in that process class structure loses its value.

  • The meaning of life doesn’t begin and end just by counting zeros on your bank passbook.

Trust me there’s more in life than these toxic practices like stressing about having more money. I mean yes, money does buy you happiness, but excess greed of money can debit your happiness.

So, be content and travel wherever your heart desires.

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