Career or Relationship? Here is how to maintain both successfully.

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Relationships are mere distractions. I simply want to focus on my career. Thats it!”

I want nothing but my lover beside me. Rest is futile.

Broadly classifying, there are these two types of people — one who’ll not care about anything but their career and the other one who’ll only care about his/her lover and not on a career.

It’s funny as neither of them is right but can’t be deemed as wrong. But the point is, you can be good at maintaining relationship alongside career smoothly.

But is maintaining a relationship alongside a career is like oil on water? Do you need to choose one and lose the other? 

Well, no. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Maintaining relationships alongside a career is not that difficult. You can also be successful in maintaining relationships and careers at the same time

Career or relationship? 

The importance of having a stable and significant career is incredible. Your life depends on it. Your career is the only thing that will finance your other desires in life and your career is the only thing that you had been working hard for since your boyhood days. We all study hard, struggle in colleges, all to get that desired knowledge in the field of work that interests us. And all these baby steps combine as we build our career and continues to reach that epitome of our potential in our career. The journey is interesting and is important. It is the journey of you becoming successful as an individual. It is your career that’ll help in calming things down in your relationship. 

Why is important to focus on your career? 

  • It’ll help in securing your future
  • It is the pathway to your dream job
  • It’ll help in your growth which will result in getting your dreams job
  • It will be the source of the finance that’ll be required in fulfilling other dreams and hobbies of yours. 

So, the question, “does a relationship hamper one’s career?”, might arise. 

The genuine answer is no. No, it has nothing to do with your career getting hampered. But there are exceptions to it. And in such situations choose your career. 

Where the problem arises? 

Everything has certain rules that need to be abided by honesty. These rules are sometimes written, and sometimes unwritten. In the same way, ‘relationship rules’ exist and are exclusive of the couple. A relationship needs a lot of things rather than maintenance. Having a relationship is indeed not a joke. It takes time, efforts, compromises, patience, attention, all to maintain the delicate balance in a healthy relationship. And if this delicate balance of the relationship starts to wobble, it’ll start affecting other things in your life along with your career. 

In the same way, career management is equally important. You need to work harder, focus more, and most importantly, you need to get rid of any sort of distraction that will come in the way of your career. Career building also requires your time, efforts, compromises, patience, attention, all in order to have a stable future.

And this is where the problem comes in— the inability to maintain both relationship and career properly and efficiently. You start losing your concentration on either and thus the balance loses its control. It is at this moment when difficulties in maintaining a relationship alongside a career become challenging. 

But worry not. Here are simple measures that’ll assist in preserving the balance between the two.

How to be successful in maintaining a relationship and career at the same time? 

Maintaining a relationship alongside a career is a tough challenge, but it’s not that difficult if we look at it. Here are 5 simple measures to balance both your relationship and career.

1. Share your aspirations with your partner

If you are serious about your career and are sure about it, share it with your partner. Let him/her know about your aspirations and your future planning. It’s a good way as in this way you both will be able to think about your relationship with respect to future planning. In this way, your career planning and your future planning will never come in the way of your relationship and vice versa. And even if it comes, you can always talk it out.

2. Talk about your career often

Talking about your career and future planning with your significant other is a great initiative in keeping one another focused on their career. It is indeed a great way of having the usual conversation along with some motivation to work harder. In this way, you are sure to not get deviated from your chosen path and will also make sure that your partner is also not deviated from his/her chosen path.

3. Talk it out

The major cause for most of the troubled relationship is in fault in communication. Learn to talk it out. Talk about your troubles or things that are worrying you. Talk about the cause of your annoyance. Don’t let such lag in communication hamper both your relationship and career. These troubles will be prolonged and will somehow damage your concentration thereby hindering your career. Which will be resulting future damage in your relationship. 

Hence, in order to stay as from these complications, talk your troubles out and communicate properly. 

4. Fix the time when you would like to spend with one another

The high school phase of romance is over. It’s time to focus on your careers. This means, less interaction with your significant other and focus more on your career. But sometimes this sincerity costs you a healthy relationship. Bitterness will start dissolving as the relationship rules that we’re in between you two are no longer valid or are not being abided by; causing frequent quarrels and misunderstandings. So, the trick of maintaining a relationship alongside a career is in having a fixed time to spend with your partner. Be it an hour or two, or even less devote it to your significant other and spend time together. A phone call, text messages or even a grocery date these small things which might sound insignificant, but will eventually result in being successful in relationship along with career at the same time. 

5. Clear your quarrels

Don’t keep misunderstandings waiting in queue to be solved. This is the worst possible way of sorting out your quarrels. And if you keep them unattended as you are tired or are “not in the mood”, these petty quarrels will eventually be the cause of a bigger argument hindering your mental peace and causing an agitated mood and lack of concentration. Don’t let these small petty quarrels pile up and become a big argument. Sort them out on that part day. Your relationship and career should have the same amount of your attention. Both are an important element of life hence both should be taken seriously. Thus, whatever the quarrel may be clear them almost immediately. Take great care and special seriousness in solving these quarrels.

Following these simple measures, you can be successful in maintaining relationships and careers at the same time. 


In the end, it comes down to one particular thing— career or relationship. Always keep your career in the priority. If your significant other really loves you and cares about you, then this dispute to choose between one will never occur. As he/she will be your constant support in your career and will never be in your way, willingly. The abovementioned situation arises when your relationship is toxic and is no longer in the condition to work out. I such a situation, be wise and always choose your career. A barely patched relationship will never buy you your bread and butter. 

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