Boost Immunity – Why It Is Important?

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If we are talking about Immunity the biggest question comes to our mind. Any guesses what it is? It is “Why should we focus”?

A good immune system is key to prevent diseases and ensure durability.  How to build immunity against disease? Building immunity against diseases absolutely is not easy. A combination of various elements creates balance and maintains the body which strengthens immunity. When you have a strong immune system, then you can lead a healthy life with no traces of diseases.

Lets take a look at 10 ways to boost immunity in Ayurveda

Eat healthily– Building immunity against diseases starts from what you eat. Well, it is true, food is everything when it comes to health and wellness. Healthy food plays a very important role to boost immunity, you cannot ignore healthy and nutritious foods.

  • Eat a balanced meal, including foods from all sources like grains, vegetarian proteins and fresh products etc.
  • Eat at least two or three cups of veggies and fruits every day.
  • Start the habit of eating at least one fruit a day.

Vitamin C is called an immune booster. Adding foods that are full of vitamin C stimulates the immune function naturally. You can take a glass of lemon juice or orange juice a day provides you with vitamin C and gives strength to boost your immunity.

Excess water intake- Water intake is a must for better immunity as well as your body. It gives you the strength to fight against the causes of bad immunity and microbes. It helps to purify your whole body also keeps your digestion strong. Take a sip of hot water throughout the day, this hydrates and help to cleanse the body supporting its action as a good barrier to all microbes.

  • Water cleanse your body properly.
  • Atleast 4-5 litre of water a day is must for better immunity.
  • It helps in digestion which is very important for your body.

Boost Immunity with Yoga- Yoga is an art of living. It heals internally. It really makes your body toned, stronger, flexible, and healthy. One most important question, how to boost immunity with yoga? Regular practice of yoga delays aging and laziness. It maintains your core strong! When your immunity is boosted, you feel energetic and healthy for years.

  • Yoga gives you strength for better immunity.
  • It gives you flexibility and make your physical ability strong.
  • Makes your mind calm and relaxed.

Sleep properly- Boost immunity strength is also depends on deep, restful sleep. The aim is to wake up in the morning feeling fresh and energized. During these sleeping hours, your body releases chemicals that play a role in repairing the body, re-energizing it, and strengthening its ability to fight against sickness. Sleep ruin can lead to a dangerously weakened immune system.

  • Sleep and wake up early.
  • Maintain regular timings.
  • According to Ayurveda , the best time to sleep is before 10pm.
  • Eat a light meal for dinner.

Reduce Stress- Another important question is how to boost your immune system? The simple answer is minimizing stress in your everyday life. Stress can literally make you sick. Stress responses negatively affect brain function, digestion, the cardiovascular system, and much more. Lots of studies confirm that the lesser stressed you are, the lower are your chances of developing diseases. To manage your stress and reduce it through exercise, yoga, and meditation. Deep breathing and relaxation ways also do the same.

  • Reduce the ability to fight against bacteria and viruses.
  • Stressed harmone effect your immune system.

Power of Garlic- Garlic provides a wide variety of health benefits and spit has been used as a medicinal herb for centuries. Ayurveda recognizes Garlic as a medicine more than food it works as a blood purifier in Ayurveda. When raw garlic is crushed and consumed, it has the highest health benefits. While Garlic has healing properties and is good in winters.

  • It is good for bones and joints.
  • Garlic prevents common cold and flu.

Turmeric- we all know that Turmeric is a part of medicine in India. We use Turmeric as a food and as well as medicine. Turmeric in your diet or as a supplement to get immunity against seasonal cold and flu. Turmeric has many medicinal properties including strengthening the energy of the body, improving digestion regulating menstruation, and relieving arthritis.

  • Consuming Turmeric is to help boost the immune system.
  • It works as an antibacterial substance.

Away from toxins- we know very well that excessive toxins are bad for our body and immune system. Excessive drinking can reduce immune system response. Nicotine and excess drinking can weaken your immunity. It attacks your kidney, liver, lungs functions. If your intake is within limits then it is not that much affected. Even do you know it may seem strange that an alcoholic drink is used to cleanse the body? But high consumption can cause to high risk of infection when a virus attacks the body.

Green Tea- like many foods that we know, taken at the right time is a tonic to the body. Green tea has become a superfood in recent years and certainly, it is a good alternative for many who loves coffee and black tea. Thanks to its high antioxidant profile and lower caffeine levels. Polyphenols and potent antioxidants are believed to give green tea immune-boosting effects. It has the ability to control inflammation and increase detoxification. Green tea is very helpful to cleanse your body and boost your immunity.

Role of Herbs for Immunity- treatment with herbs using plant seed, berries, roots, leaves due to therapeutic reasons. The use of herbs as medicines has increased over the past 30 years. It has the power to heal illness and prevent infections. In India commonly suggested Herbs in Ayurveda for boosting immunity are-

  • Aswagandha- it has the magical power of healing cold, cough, flu and viral infections. It boosts immunity power naturally.
  • Guduchi- it has antioxidants and immunomodulatory properties.
  • Mulethi- it helps in cough, cold, flu. It smooths throat or any irritation in upper respiratory track.
  • Peepli- helps in treating lower respiratory tract infections and asthma.





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